From the recording MAY I INTRODUCE YOU


May I introduce you
Verse 1
Have you ever tried to find a love so pure
And left standing brokenhearted and unsure
Have you ever felt abandoned and afraid
Or ashamed by wrongful choices that you made
Do you feel the weight is more than you can bear
And is it true you think that no one really cares
May I introduce you, may I introduce you to a friend of mine
A love so secure, you can always be sure
A companion that will never leave your side
His name is Jesus
So loving and true, He can make your heart brand new
Give you peace that heals the aching deep inside, Jesus
Verse 2
You may think that you are too far from His reach
He could not forgive the secrets that you keep
Will you keep on running further in defeat
Or to the One who wants to make your heart complete
Cast your care and disappointment at His feet
In His loving arms you’ll find a peace so sweet

He is standing here with arms open wide
In His presence there is nothing left to hide
He is longing just to hold you to His side
He is merciful, faithful and kind