From the recording MAY I INTRODUCE YOU


To know You more
Verse 1
You are the song I sing, You are the air I breathe
You are my joy and peace, constantly
You are my hiding place, my only saving grace
You are my hope and strength, my everything
And oh how I long to know You more, and oh how I long to know Your heart
To sit at Your feet in Your presence so sweet
Where Your love runs free like a river for me
Time spent with You makes everything new
Lord I just want to be a reflection of You
To know You more, I want to know You more
Verse 2
I’m so amazed by You, overwhelmed by all You do
Your love endures for me, faithfully
Your blood poured out for me, so I could be set free
You gave it all for me, joyfully
My heart has found a home, I’ll never be alone
I know that You are near, so I don’t have to fear