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Thank you for stopping by for a visit and....Welcome! 

This is the OFFICIAL WEBSITE of Michelle Ackerson. I appreciate you stopping by to have a listen. I hope that this music blesses your heart and draws you into a closer relationship with Him. 


A Personal Message from Michelle! 

The launch of my debut CD was a dream come true, one that took a leap of faith and much dedication to make it happen! While time has gone by since I recorded this album it still touches my heart when I hear someone say it has touched them in some way or another. That was what the whole project was about...connecting people to Jesus. There have even been moments, though I didn't realize it when writing the songs for the album, that have turned out to be a blessing to me and what I needed to help me through certain circumstances. 

If you are on Facebook please check out Michelle Ackerson Music as time to time I enjoy posting videos that try to encourage and uplift others. 

With love, 

Michelle :-)  

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